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Top 10 Anime Openings of the 1980s

Nothing quite says fluff piece like the tried and true "Top 10" list. The "Top 10" list combines the pointless regurgitation of common knowledge with a ranking system. This helps to not only extol the author's perceived intellect, but to attempt to create a small sense of controversy to promote talk of the publisher of the aforementioned list. That said, I have compiled a list of what I view to be the best anime OPs to grace the 80s.

The first few titles that will be covered are the bastards among this list. Yes, these first few contenders are the honorable mentions, though the term is not used in the strictest sense. These titles all would have easily made the list, had it not been for one small problem: none of these are actually openings. These all take the form of insert songs or ending themes, and were thus ineligible (under my arbitrary stipulation) for the coveted and few ranked positions.


Evangelion 3.0 Q You Can (not) Redo Preview

Alright guys, it is that time again as another Evangelion movie has arrived. We are given a six-minute treat with beautiful animation. The video below does contain spoilers about certain plot points that are unique to the movies. At least to me, it felt Gunbusterish. Not that it is a bad thing for Eva to adopt a Gunbuster feel, but it is definitely there. I am looking forward to this movie.

Reports also show that the film's first day shattered all previous viewing records. Now, enjoy your preview.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Gets Re-Rlease on XBLA and PSN

With this classic game seeing a reissue, I felt it an appropriate time to dive into the history surrounding its release and reception.

The JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fighting game has a strange history among both the fighting game community and those interested in the manga. The game was released at an odd time, for a number of reasons. The original game, known as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, or JoJo's Venture in some parts of the world, was released between the two OVA's that adapt the same section of story the game focuses on. In 1998 the original OVA had already finished its release four years prior, and the remaining episodes would not be released until two years later. The game arrived in a dead zone between anime adaptations of a manga arc that had ended six years ago in 1996.


Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Exclusive Dinobots Unleashed Trailer

The Dinobots look amazing in this new trailer in this Machinima exclusive trailer. The game also probes the origins of the Dinobots and how bad ass they are.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is scheduled for release August 28th, 2012.


Gaiking: Legend of Daikuu-Maryuu Review


The Cutest Video In The World (And Other Fun Stuff)

I've decided to start using our admittedly dusty blog to share content that the gallery simple can't handle, namely videos. I might also throw up some of my favorite gallery images from time to time.

Today's featured video shows Aki Toyosaki (the voice actress of Yui Hirasawa in K-ON!) performing The Beatles's "Hey Jude" on acoustic guitar. She's pretty adorable, as is her English.


We have a Youtube Channel!!

Come over to Fanservice FTW's Youtube Channel where I review Revoltech's Getter Robo Arc (Ah). Be in for a blast as a jaded mecha fanboy revels in this new figure.


Good News Everyone!


I'm proud to announce that Fanservice FTW has, with the help of your donations, found it's new home on a much more stable and powerful virtual private server.  What does that mean?  Well, not much for you!  But it makes life easier for us admins.  We're still trying to work out a few bumps with the new system, though, so if you can't load the site at any time, don't worry, we're working on it.  Also, as we mentioned during the downtime, this plan, while more flexible, is also more expensive.  So we still need everyone's help to keep Fanservice up and running.  Currently we have about $100, but we'll need another $200 to see us through the next year, so if you can, donate!  To supplement donations, we may be looking into ads, but we promise they won't be intrusive if we decide to got that way.  We also have another special announcement regarding a new Fanservice Facet, so stay tuned for that.  Once again, thanks for all your support, we couldn't survive without our Fans!


Transformers Review: Sea Spray

Sea Spray w/ Breacher

Seaspray is design to carry Breacher, a scout class autobot.

Being a fan of the classics line, I was excited to see that Seaspray was getting the 'classics' treatment. A couple of the mini-bots have received upgrades in the form of newer toys in recent years. A couple of these mini-bots have been given large bodies fitting with their alt modes. Powerglide got a large and in charge body and Seaspray was no exception. Being in the ambiguous Transformers 2010 line, there were at first doubts about Seaspray even being a G1 re-imagining. Rest assured Hasbro has declared this to be the same gargle sounding guy from the original cartoon series.


WE DUN GOOFED – Gallery needs donations

Hey Fans, there's a good reason the gallery's down. Our hosting site decided that there was too much traffic and spontaneously shut off access to the site (including to us admins). We managed to put up this gimped version of Fanservice FTW until we've moved to a bigger and better host. Which brings up the next point: bigger hosts are more expensive hosts, and we here at Fanservice are poor. So we are asking for any donations you can give in order to pay for the new server. It's gonna cost around $300/year, so any donation over $5 would be great. We can't really offer you any special treatment for your donation, because we've never had tiers of users here at Fanservice to begin with (which is a good thing!), but we will list you as a donor if you just enter the name you want to use in the PayPal prompt. When we've received a few months worth of donations, we'll move the site over and reopen the gallery. It's up to you as to how long that takes!

Thanks for your understanding, everyone!

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UPDATE - We have received about one-third of our goal, which is good enough to open a new server for a few months. We hope to receive more donations throughout the year. There are still some configuration bugs with the new site, but we are mostly back, and it's thanks to all the Fans.