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We have a Youtube Channel!!

Come over to Fanservice FTW's Youtube Channel where I review Revoltech's Getter Robo Arc (Ah). Be in for a blast as a jaded mecha fanboy revels in this new figure.


Good News Everyone!


I'm proud to announce that Fanservice FTW has, with the help of your donations, found it's new home on a much more stable and powerful virtual private server.  What does that mean?  Well, not much for you!  But it makes life easier for us admins.  We're still trying to work out a few bumps with the new system, though, so if you can't load the site at any time, don't worry, we're working on it.  Also, as we mentioned during the downtime, this plan, while more flexible, is also more expensive.  So we still need everyone's help to keep Fanservice up and running.  Currently we have about $100, but we'll need another $200 to see us through the next year, so if you can, donate!  To supplement donations, we may be looking into ads, but we promise they won't be intrusive if we decide to got that way.  We also have another special announcement regarding a new Fanservice Facet, so stay tuned for that.  Once again, thanks for all your support, we couldn't survive without our Fans!


WE DUN GOOFED – Gallery needs donations

Hey Fans, there's a good reason the gallery's down. Our hosting site decided that there was too much traffic and spontaneously shut off access to the site (including to us admins). We managed to put up this gimped version of Fanservice FTW until we've moved to a bigger and better host. Which brings up the next point: bigger hosts are more expensive hosts, and we here at Fanservice are poor. So we are asking for any donations you can give in order to pay for the new server. It's gonna cost around $300/year, so any donation over $5 would be great. We can't really offer you any special treatment for your donation, because we've never had tiers of users here at Fanservice to begin with (which is a good thing!), but we will list you as a donor if you just enter the name you want to use in the PayPal prompt. When we've received a few months worth of donations, we'll move the site over and reopen the gallery. It's up to you as to how long that takes!

Thanks for your understanding, everyone!

Visit the Gallery to find the PayPal donation link.

PS - Any donations we receive over the amount needed will go to relief efforts in Japan.

UPDATE - We have received about one-third of our goal, which is good enough to open a new server for a few months. We hope to receive more donations throughout the year. There are still some configuration bugs with the new site, but we are mostly back, and it's thanks to all the Fans.


People of Fanservice, Lend Me Your Strength!

Hey everyone, it's time for a Fanservice group project! 


The Taming of the Tsundere: Japan’s Fascination with Obstinate Women

I was asked in my Literary Criticism class to come up with a comparison of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew with some (read: ANY) form of pop culture. That was their first mistake. The following is copy from the 12 pages of references to anime bullshit Shakespeare could have always done without. I may or may not believe any of this, but hey, do what you gotta do.


Mega Man’s 22nd Birthday featuring Keiji Inafune — Video Game Super Slam



Today Is A Beautiful Day. Granted, it's technically 1AM my time and I am tired like no other, but It Is A Good Day Nonetheless. Why??

Capcom Unity, Capcom's in-house social networking site, hosted a Mega Man birthday party and streamed it live to the internet, registering 80,000 unique visitors watching the stream by the end of the two-hour production. Keiji Inafune, creator of the Megaman franchise himself was present, as was Hitoshi Ariga, mangaka for the up coming Mega Man Megamix comic books -- which, confirmed as of tonight, will be published stateside by Capcom's main squeeze Udon Comics. There were plenty of other important Japanese people and I'm sure they had names but I was sharing a video stream with 79,999 of my closest was kind of choppy. I missed their names. My apologies.

So, what came out of this little event? What was the BIG UNREVEALED NEWS?!


By Presidential Order: November Fan of the Month

Today is December 2nd, and that can only mean one thing.  We forgot to award November's Fan of the Month!  Not that any of you remembered enough to remind us.  However, in the eternal spirit of cosmic justice, peace, and love, we forgive you.  Now, let us dispense with formalities (or casualties, if you aren't taking this seriously either), and move on to the point of this postponed post posthaste.


Movies FTW — The Machine Girl

Machine Girl Title Card
It's movies like this that give Kill Bill that distinct Kill Bill-esque look. So if you liked Kill Bill, thank Machine Girl.

When watching a movie, there comes a point where you feel as though you know already what to expect. You've seen the bottom of the rabbit hole, as it were. The gimmicks have already been played out, the plot has presented a predictable climax, and continuing to watch the movie seems a bit futile -- you've seen all there is to see from this movie.


Let’s Play With Numbers!

Fanservice FTW will be 4 months old on November 3, which means we've survived longer than nearly 500,000 children also born in July, according to current birth and infant mortality rate estimates.  To celebrate, let's go over some usage information and spin it into favorable statistics!


[Updated 10/25] Special Fanservice FTW Guest Appearance!!

Surprise edit #2!

Show has been up since Saturday, I've just been really lazy!! ''''orz    Listen here!

Attention all space cadets!!

Yours truly will be appearing in an upcoming episode of "This Is Not An Anime Podcast!" ( which is, ironically enough, an anime podcast. We'll be talking about the new Fist of the North Star -- Kenshiro Gaiden film, and will hopefully answer a few burning questions about why I continue to cosplay and whether or not it's just an excuse to subject the public to my naked chest once a year.