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People of Fanservice, Lend Me Your Strength!

Hey everyone, it's time for a Fanservice group project! 


The Taming of the Tsundere: Japan’s Fascination with Obstinate Women

I was asked in my Literary Criticism class to come up with a comparison of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew with some (read: ANY) form of pop culture. That was their first mistake. The following is copy from the 12 pages of references to anime bullshit Shakespeare could have always done without. I may or may not believe any of this, but hey, do what you gotta do.


WTF Is This: Twitter

"Do you Tweet?"

For some reason, Twitter has been in the news lately, and as such, I'm sure you've had someone ask you this at some point. You had to at least feel slightly embarrassed because all you could say was "well, not really," or -- even worse -- "why, yes, sir, I am indeed an avid and frequent Twitterer! Let's discuss our Tweets at length and share Tweeting stories!" If you have actually said anything remotely close to the latter answer, even so far as saying "yes, I am on Twitter," please kill yourself. People, don't get excited about Twitter. Nobody likes Twitter. Twitter is stupid. It is also completely and totally worthwhile: here's why.


Hybrids Are Quiet. Too Quiet.

Shh!  What was that?   ... the wind.

One of the oft-touted features of electric cars is their silent operation, which reduces noise pollution in large cities.  But Japan's MLIT has recently suggested that hybrids' lack of noise may pose a threat to blind pedestrians, as well as drivers who can't use a mirror.  A ministry panel has suggested that automakers such as Toyota incorporate noise-making devices into their hybrid lines.  This is bound to please car companies, who have, doubtless, been looking for a way to negate the efficiency gained from the electric motor.   The addition of a noise maker would also present an opportunity for automakers to sell custom sounds for hybrids, such as train and horse effects.  One wonders why the option isn't already available, potentially profitable as it is.

Japan Mulls Making Hybrid Cars Louder [New York Times]


Japanese Gyaru Finds A Foothold in the UK

It seems that teens and twenty-somethings in London have recently discovered the ancient Japanese manba fashion trend.