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Comic Review: The Transformers


Well, IDW has done it again. There is a new jump on point for the IDW Transformers Generation 1 continuity. The big question is (whole point of the review): "IS it worth reading?" After the debacle of "All Hail Megatron", a reader may be weary of reading a whole brand new 'clean slate' comic series intended to draw in new fans. The answer to that question is a giant YES! Mike Costa paints a post-Decepticon world where the Autobots are struggling with what to do with themselves after the great war. With Cybertron left uninhabitable, Optimus Prime wishes to continue protecting humanity from the remnants of the Decepticon threat, and help them rebuild their shattered world. Humanity, after nearly going through Armageddon from the events of the "All Hail Megatron" series, is weary of all Transformers and have developed ways to defend themselves and neutralize Transformers.


Dissension begins to form in the ranks of the Autobots against Optimus Prime and his decision to protect those who do not want to be protected in the first place. In the first issue, the Autobots' moral fortitude is tested when a rogue Decepticon is captured, and an unlikely defender comes to his aid and in the process is captured too and is ordered to be deactivated (killed in other words). In a twist of events, your view of the Transformers and humanity will be challenged, and you will wonder: Can humanity and Transformers truly ever coexist peacefully?


The art is just fantastic. Fan favorite Don Figueroa returns with a surprising change to his art style. He draws his Transformers like... BAYFORMERS!! At first, a fan could be appalled by the shift in art style because what fan of Geewuun would ever wish our beloved Transformers to look like the abominations Michael Bay made them. The shift in art style is actually quite refreshing. With Bayformers done in conjunction with their classics designs, the Transformers look stunning and realistic. Combined with an amazing story this is one comic, I would recommend to any fan G1 or otherwise.

Those who are not fans of Transformers, listen up.... Read this!! It will change your opinion on the Transformers. This is no fan wank or trite villain/problem-of-the-week comic that usually plagues the franchise. This is not your 1980s Reagan era transformers but something better, deeper, and with all the giant robot action you can ask for. Buy this comic and enjoy what Transformers should of been all those years ago.

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  1. Update: Issue two is now out. After I read it, I will give you all an update…but from what I hear Hot Rod is a prick.

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