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Transformers Review: Sea Spray

Sea Spray w/ Breacher

Seaspray is design to carry Breacher, a scout class autobot.

Being a fan of the classics line, I was excited to see that Seaspray was getting the 'classics' treatment. A couple of the mini-bots have received upgrades in the form of newer toys in recent years. A couple of these mini-bots have been given large bodies fitting with their alt modes. Powerglide got a large and in charge body and Seaspray was no exception. Being in the ambiguous Transformers 2010 line, there were at first doubts about Seaspray even being a G1 re-imagining. Rest assured Hasbro has declared this to be the same gargle sounding guy from the original cartoon series. His engineering also betrays his origins. Being a voyager class, he wins at many levels. First, he captures the feel of Seaspray by being a fairly badass hovercraft. Seaspray has two guns with harpoon missiles, making any Decepticon that crosses him think twice about attacking him. He also has a dock for scout class figures to hitch a ride across aquatic terrain. Though any scout can fit, this feature was made with one Autobot in mind: Breacher (more on him later).


The air cushion skirt in his alt mode consists of his legs, his arms, and his 'scuba' tanks on his backpack in robot mode.

The sculpted detail on Seaspray is really awesome. The plastic on the sides of the hovercraft mode feels like rubber. The turbines at the rear of the figure can rotate, which is a nice feature. He has several cool paint applications on him, though they are sparse. On his sides and his top, "Sea S.P. Ray" is written in silver . Also, a large Autobot symbol is also on the top of the cabin. Some silver in the front breaking up the blue along the sides of the figure. The bed of the hovercraft has a ramp to simulate cargo, vehicles, or scout sized Transformers going on or off the figure. Now, lets get to Seaspray's transformation conversion.

As you can see, he gets pretty big when you transform him. Most of that folds up into his backpack, while the arms are formed from the lower sections of the air cushion skirt.

If I could summarize the transformation in two words, it would be tabs and panels. Seaspray is literally made up of them. By folding out his legs and snapping them into place, you get really effective legs in a very simple transformation. Fold out the heel spurs and flippers to complete his legs. Next, separate the back of the cabin to create an epic head reveal. The forearms untab from the back of the bed of the hovercraft. Simply by twisting them around and folding the cabin tabs in, the arms are completed. The final task is folding in the backpack. I love this backpack, as it give Seaspray his classic kibble in a very compact and awesome 'scuba tank'. You can then insert the guns either into his forearms or his hands; both look good.

He has water breather goggles and scuba tanks. What is not to like about this guy?

I think this guy looks really tough. The backpack looks like scuba tanks with his classic rotor kibble which is a brilliant move in my opinion. His head sculpt also reflects his aquatic personality. He has a blocky yet effective design, and is pretty menacing compared to most deluxes, though he is relatively straightforward for a voyager in terms of design.  He has wrist rotation but, sadly, this is blocked by his forearm kibble. He has no waist articulation due to transformation. The rest of his articulation is more or less unhampered. He can rotate his legs 180 degrees and spread them a full 90. He can fully rotate his arms and has limited double-jointed elbow. I think this is a topnotch robot mode. If I had to point out a flaw, it would be that, when he stands straight up, his legs are always at some angle. Although this is unavoidable due to his curvy design (as a hovercraft), I could see how it can be a turn off to some people. Despite these slight flaws, I love Seaspray, and he is a welcome addition to any classics collection. I give him a 4 energon cubes out of 5.


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