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Good News Everyone!


I'm proud to announce that Fanservice FTW has, with the help of your donations, found it's new home on a much more stable and powerful virtual private server.  What does that mean?  Well, not much for you!  But it makes life easier for us admins.  We're still trying to work out a few bumps with the new system, though, so if you can't load the site at any time, don't worry, we're working on it.  Also, as we mentioned during the downtime, this plan, while more flexible, is also more expensive.  So we still need everyone's help to keep Fanservice up and running.  Currently we have about $100, but we'll need another $200 to see us through the next year, so if you can, donate!  To supplement donations, we may be looking into ads, but we promise they won't be intrusive if we decide to got that way.  We also have another special announcement regarding a new Fanservice Facet, so stay tuned for that.  Once again, thanks for all your support, we couldn't survive without our Fans!