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Mega Man’s 22nd Birthday featuring Keiji Inafune — Video Game Super Slam



Today Is A Beautiful Day. Granted, it's technically 1AM my time and I am tired like no other, but It Is A Good Day Nonetheless. Why??

Capcom Unity, Capcom's in-house social networking site, hosted a Mega Man birthday party and streamed it live to the internet, registering 80,000 unique visitors watching the stream by the end of the two-hour production. Keiji Inafune, creator of the Megaman franchise himself was present, as was Hitoshi Ariga, mangaka for the up coming Mega Man Megamix comic books -- which, confirmed as of tonight, will be published stateside by Capcom's main squeeze Udon Comics. There were plenty of other important Japanese people and I'm sure they had names but I was sharing a video stream with 79,999 of my closest was kind of choppy. I missed their names. My apologies.

So, what came out of this little event? What was the BIG UNREVEALED NEWS?!


[Updated 10/25] Special Fanservice FTW Guest Appearance!!

Surprise edit #2!

Show has been up since Saturday, I've just been really lazy!! ''''orz    Listen here!

Attention all space cadets!!

Yours truly will be appearing in an upcoming episode of "This Is Not An Anime Podcast!" ( which is, ironically enough, an anime podcast. We'll be talking about the new Fist of the North Star -- Kenshiro Gaiden film, and will hopefully answer a few burning questions about why I continue to cosplay and whether or not it's just an excuse to subject the public to my naked chest once a year.


An interview with Ichiro Itano about Macross Frontier.

Here is a brief interview with Ichiro Itano about Macross F, translated by "それも名無しで !MQOpFj.OVc" of /m/.

Interviewer: So we're planning a page for fans who don't know you (Itano) or the original Macross.

Itano: Macross Ace (the magazine this is in) is a damned bishoujo character magazine isn't it? I call it "yutori"*, though. Yutori character moe magazine. I think Macross (the original) was popular because of its balance, 1/3 each of cute girls, robots, and songs. But now they say mecha won't sell, robots won't sell, so they turn it into a character-based anime AND they want the fujoshi. I hate the stench of that sort of thing and so actually don't want to be in any magazine articles related to that bullshit, but I said I'd cooperate if they let me badmouth shit and here I am.


Re-Blogging: Interview with Yamamoto Yutaka

Otaku in Japan

A Japanese Otaku with his prized posession: the hug pillow.

I just happened to stumble upon this story and thought I'd share. Akira, this particular blog entry's author, has taken a printed interview with ex-Kyoani staff member Yamamoto Yutaka and added a bit of commentary of his own to highlight some of the more significant points Yamamoto makes.


New Kid Icarus? Wait!


In a recent Nintendo Power interview, Miyamoto was asked about the possibility of a new Wii or DS Kid Icarus game.  His response?

Wait, please. I'm really surprised how popular that is. But you are the first person to ask at this E3!

So I guess we'll wait (though I'm sure that's not the first time he's been asked).

Miyamoto says 'wait' for a new Kid Icarus [GoNintendo]