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Sengoku BASARA Samurai Heroes: Brian Crecente, I’m Calling You Out.

Edit: surprisingly quick responses from Crecente himself prompted a few changes.

Normally I open doors for women, eat all of my dinner and respect my elders. I've got no problems with authority or people that are simply above me for no other apparent reason than experience and effort, and I respect those people for those very reasons. That said, I also have no problem with making sure credit is given where credit is due, and believe in having decent games represented fairly and professionally.

For that reason, I should--no, I must--raise issue with Brian Crecente's coverage of Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes. It's completely underwhelming and has given Kotaku's readership a terrible impression of the upcoming game. My issues are not completely trivial, nor am I just needlessly hating on Crecente, nor Kotaku for publicity, click-through traffic or just to whine. I realize that the business of journalism is a business: money gets passed around, favors are pulled, and so on. While I will not make any presumptions as to whether or not that is even remotely relevant to Kotaku's coverage of Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, I believe that games should be represented fairly when they deserve to be, especially on one of the most trusted and most widely-read outlets for video game journalism on the internet.

Basara 1

I've drawn my sword, good sir! Well, okay, one of them.


Ever Wanted To Play Halo On Your PS3?

Every Cell in my Playstation is tingling with excitement.  Just last week, iPod hacker extraordinaire George Hotz announced that he had cracked the PS3.  This week, he gives us the goods, by which I mean the software exploit he's developed.  Because I am not a hacker, I will not attempt to explain how he did it.  Actually, he does that quite well himself.


Video Game Super Slam — Bayonetta

bayonetta terminator

I'll be back, gorgeous.

Bayonetta is a very strange game. It snubs masculinity and macho manliness in a genre dominated almost exclusively by burly, muscle-bound, devilishly attractive men and Spartan war gods. The debates as to whether or not it's a culturally progressive game or an exploitative assault against women still rages on. It employs sex as a deadly weapon where other similar games have used it as a minor and often completely overlooked selling point.

It's also easily the best game in its genre to this day.


BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger — Video Game Super Slam



A friend approached me the other day and said, "I saw [mutual friend] playing BlazBlue or whatever on Xbox Live, hah, what a fag!" I replied to him, "Sir, I believe you saw me playing BlazBlue on Xbox Live, because [mutual friend] doesn't play those games." He almost had time to correct himself and laugh it off before I reached through the internet, punched him in the face and ate his heart. BlazBlue is that awesome.


Demon’s Souls Gets Release Date, Deluxe Edition

Over the weekend, Atlus took the liberty of announcing October 6th as the release date for the highly-anticipated PS3 action RPG Demon's Souls.  They've also revealed a Deluxe Edition of the game, which includes a 150-page strategy guide and an artistic slipcover for the game case for only $10 more.  In addition, pre-orders of both the regular and deluxe editions of the game will be rewarded with an artbook.

Already known in Japan for its difficulty, Demon's Souls boasts several interesting online features, including four-player co-op, a hint leaving system, and the ability to enter another's game as a boss, which is not only awesome, but also gives the game a fair amount of competitive replay value, something rare in many RPGs.

Atlus spoils Demon's Souls for PLAYSTATION 3 [Atlus USA Forums]


New Sony Motion Patent Revealed


A recent patent from Sony reveals a "controller-free" method of interacting with the PS3.  The innovation removes the need for traditional controllers, or even Wiimote-style wands by


Uncharted 2 to Receive Second Multiplayer Beta

It seems that those who missed out on the recent Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta (like me) will have a second chance to test the upcoming game's online functions.


PS3 Slim Coming Soon?


Taiwanese newspaper United Daily News reports rumors that Sony may be preparing to release a slimmed-down version of the PS3 in July. No details about the possible SKU have been revealed as of yet, except for a few images like the one above. More news when/if this rumor is confirmed.

UDN (Chinese), via Engadget

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