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Descent Into Madness — Venturing Into The Depths Of Gensokyo

I'm not usually one to get excited over "fandoms" and "niches" and series' "canon" or really "things" in general. I do my homework when something catches my interest or seems relevant enough, so I could certainly hold my own in an intelligent conversation, but there isn't really much intelligent conversation to be had on the subject of cute Japanese cartoon girls shooting at each other with magical spells. It's like trying to write a thesis on Evangelion and Princess Mononoke -- you'll sound really smart, but only in the realm of worthless nerd crap; and more importantly, no one will ever take you seriously.

I am, however, finding myself more and more fond of Touhou by the day. Surprisingly enough, I haven't really played any of the Touhou games -- any of them. I know a fairly good bit about them, but I've never touched them. Yes, yours truly -- bastion of all things MAN; vessel of hotblooded burning courage and fiery manly passion; the pinnacle of manly exuberance and youthful explosion -- has been tempted by the dozens of cutesy fairies and shrine maidens of the Touhou-verse.