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Sengoku BASARA, or “The Western Market That Could Have Been”

This is the Great Nippon Spirit.

This is the Great Nippon Spirit.

Many of you anime fans who like to keep current with Japan's anime seasons have probably heard of -- or have been watching -- Sengoku Basara. The show just recently ended its first season, with a second season announced by Production I.G. Studios themselves. The entire cast of characters has a rabid Japanese fanbase, primarily female -- a strange paradox, given that the anime is very blatantly a shounen battle series. The original video game franchise has grown from the first game, Sengoku Basara, to a straight-up sequel, a Guilty Gear-esque 2D fighter developed by ArcSys and Sammy, a PSP brawler that quickly took first place in software sales on its release; and a third title in the works for 2010. The anime brought with it a number of incredible product placement opportunities, from cellphone straps and character novelties to a Pizza Hut endorsement, a special rice label deal, a half-dozen different character-specific flavors of energy drink, and, oh, a stage play. Outside of Japan, however, Sengoku Basara (known to the rest of the world as Devil Kings) has almost never been heard of. What happened?


BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger — Video Game Super Slam



A friend approached me the other day and said, "I saw [mutual friend] playing BlazBlue or whatever on Xbox Live, hah, what a fag!" I replied to him, "Sir, I believe you saw me playing BlazBlue on Xbox Live, because [mutual friend] doesn't play those games." He almost had time to correct himself and laugh it off before I reached through the internet, punched him in the face and ate his heart. BlazBlue is that awesome.


New Kid Icarus? Wait!


In a recent Nintendo Power interview, Miyamoto was asked about the possibility of a new Wii or DS Kid Icarus game.  His response?

Wait, please. I'm really surprised how popular that is. But you are the first person to ask at this E3!

So I guess we'll wait (though I'm sure that's not the first time he's been asked).

Miyamoto says 'wait' for a new Kid Icarus [GoNintendo]


Ubisoft Opens 4th Canadian Studio


Ubisoft, developer and publisher of many popular game franchises such as Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed, and Rayman, announced Monday that it plans to open a new studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The studio will be its 4th in Canada, accompanied by sister studios in Quebec City, Montreal, and Vancouver.  Ubisoft says it expects the Toronto development house to employ 800 staff members by the end of the year, bringing the company's Canadian development force to nearly 3,000 people.  The Toronto studio will also play a large role in Ubisoft's endeavor's to more closely blend film and gaming into a joint medium.  However, no projects have yet been announced.

Ubisoft opening videogame studio in Toronto [AFP]


Demon’s Souls Gets Release Date, Deluxe Edition

Over the weekend, Atlus took the liberty of announcing October 6th as the release date for the highly-anticipated PS3 action RPG Demon's Souls.  They've also revealed a Deluxe Edition of the game, which includes a 150-page strategy guide and an artistic slipcover for the game case for only $10 more.  In addition, pre-orders of both the regular and deluxe editions of the game will be rewarded with an artbook.

Already known in Japan for its difficulty, Demon's Souls boasts several interesting online features, including four-player co-op, a hint leaving system, and the ability to enter another's game as a boss, which is not only awesome, but also gives the game a fair amount of competitive replay value, something rare in many RPGs.

Atlus spoils Demon's Souls for PLAYSTATION 3 [Atlus USA Forums]


God Eater Is Great


Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G is popular in Japan.  Really popular.  And Capcom's making buckets of money off of it.  Which is great for Capcom.  Namco Bandai wants it to be great for them, too.  So they're releasing God Eater.  God Eater is a lot like Monster Hunter, but it's a Namco Bandai game.  Which is great for Namco Bandai.  Trailer after the jump.  It's great, too.


New Sony Motion Patent Revealed


A recent patent from Sony reveals a "controller-free" method of interacting with the PS3.  The innovation removes the need for traditional controllers, or even Wiimote-style wands by


Uncharted 2 to Receive Second Multiplayer Beta

It seems that those who missed out on the recent Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta (like me) will have a second chance to test the upcoming game's online functions.